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I have attempted to make doodles again

Photo 24 May
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Tattoos and scars

Photo 8 Apr They’re so cute I could choke.

They’re so cute I could choke.

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Uriel as a teenager….though I can’t actually imagine him as one. Or a child…though I guess he must have been one at some point.

Demos would be a mopey teen. So that’s how I drew him.

Eva pre and post incident. Hanging with Anders, my favouritest twin.

Photo 29 Mar 2 notes Demos is a sucker for Eden.
Eden is such a chubby baby. So cute <3!

Demos is a sucker for Eden.

Eden is such a chubby baby. So cute <3!

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whatfreshhellisthis replied to your post:

DUDE. You are hereby FORBIDDEN to call these ‘crap’. I mean holy crap! That anatomy, that posing and posture! It’s fluid and dynamic whilst still being quiet and communicating mood. TBH I am so jealous haha

Oh gosh I just got this <3! You’re so sweet. AHH I DON’T KNOW HOW TO HANDLE COMPLIMENTS!

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Katja, old tattoo design vs new tattoo design.

She’s got two revolvers tattooed on her hips, and her stomach is covered in roses over top the snake Ouroboros which continues onto her back. There she has a raven and a large omega symbol. Her left arm has a flaming skull, her right arm has the stylized Red Hand, a symbol associated with a psionic gang. Below that (you can’t see it in any of the drawings, I am fail) is a scythe with a banner around it reading ‘The Small Gods’, another psionic gang. She has a large black 8 on the side of her neck, and an alien script above her left eyebrow. 

I still really need to design her chest tattoo.

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